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West Penn Hardwoods Imports Many Species of Wood Slabs

Species of Wood Slabs Imported by West Penn Hardwoods


Rocky Mehta, Owner/President of West Penn Hardwoods, travels around the world to source many species of wood slabs. Most importantly, West Penn Hardwoods customers have access to the largest variety and quantity of wood slabs in the USA. Wood slabs are extremely popular now for a variety of projects, such as table, countertops, bar tops, shelving and mantles. There are so many different colors and grain patterns depending on the species, which makes choosing a lot of fun! Here’s a highlight of some of our favorite slabs.

Some Favorite Species of Wood Slabs

Guanacaste – Also called Parota

Currently, the hottest species of wood slabs are Guanacaste and Monkey Pod. Both species grow throughout Central America and are abundant, which makes Guanacaste is a great substitute for American Walnut for a couple of reasons. Many people like the dark color of Walnut and Guanacaste also offers a deep, rich brown color. Another reason Guanacaste is popular is that the slabs are available in widths up to 55″ wide. It is difficult to find Walnut in wide slabs. Guanacaste is also less expensive than Walnut. Below is a picture of a beautiful Guanacaste slab as well as some finished slabs.

 Central American Guanacaste     Guanacaste – Walnut – Guanacaste

 Guanacaste countertop    Guanacaste Slab Table

Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod is another species that grows abundantly throughout Central American but also grows in Southeast Asia. The Monkey Pod tree grows very large and produces slabs as large as Guanacaste. It tends to be a little lighter in color than Guanacaste and often has an iridescent, wavy grain pattern which makes it unique. Some Monkey Pod slabs are darker in color and can easily be confused with Guanacaste. Check out the Monkey Pod pictures below:

 Monkey Pod Slab   Monkey Pod Table – Blowing Rock Woodworks

Other Popular Slab Species

There are slabs available in a wide variety of colors and grains as well. Here are some pics of a few that are offered at West Penn Hardwoods.


 Pequia – Brazil, characterized by pale golden heartwood, edged with darker sapwood along the edge.

 Tatajuba – Beautiful caramel color, some pieces have curly grain pattern.

 Purpleheart – Amazon region, bright purple color makes this species one of the most unique.

 Orange Agate – Amazon region, beautiful rich orange color with varying grain pattern.

 Olivewood – from Italy, pale cream with strong black lines. The tree is twisted therefore slabs vary in shape.

Rounds or Cookies are slabs that are end cuts. They are popular for coffee tables and end table and come in a variety of wood species.


West Penn Hardwoods also carries slabs in Australian Burl species which make beautiful side tables.


West Penn Hardwoods is open to the public. Coming to visit and see all of the available slabs is the best way to find the right piece for your project! If you live too far away, call West Penn Hardwoods at 828-322-WOOD (9663) and their knowledgable sales staff will be happy to help!



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Amazing Brazilian Pequia Burl Log

West Penn Hardwoods Finds Amazing Brazilian Pequia Burl Log

Rocky Mehta, Owner of West Penn Hardwoods traveled to Brazil last year to source an amazing Brazilian Pequia burl log. This log was dead but still standing. According to the land owner, the tree has been dead for over 60 years. The Pequia burl log was in a open swampy field and was the only standing tree. Even though it was dead, proper government permits had to be obtained in order to cut this tree down. This process took many months.

Finally, with permits in order, the log was cut down and transported to the sawmill. The outside of the log was completely covered in burls. It is believed the burls formed after the tree was already dead. The center of the log was hollow from years of decay.

When they cut into the log the sawyers were shocked to see the burl figure throughout the whole log. The trunk was 10′ in diameter, so large that there wasn’t a saw large enough to cut it. The largest saw at the mill was 52″. The trunk had to be split into four sections in order to slice the slabs.

Once the log was sawn it was shipped to the West Penn Hardwoods facility in Conover, North Carolina. Here it is currently being air dried to ensure stable slabs once they are sold. A majority of this log has been sold to Woodcraft Supply LLC who plans to distribute it through their franchise store network later this year.

Woodcraft Magazine Article on Rocky Mehta

Woodcraft Magazine also wrote a Profile article on Rocky Mehta, West Penn Hardwoods, and this Pequia burl log. It is available to read in the June/July 2018 issue.


Small bowl turned from a piece of scrap material from the Pequia burl log

This was made by West Penn Hardwoods employee, Bobby Sader, who is also the owner of Allegany Woodworking.

We hope to post more pictures of customers finished products as they become available. Please share your project photos on our Facebook or Instagram pages! You can also see videos of Rocky’s travels around the globe on our YouTube channel.

Happy Woodworking!

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The New West Penn Hardwoods Website Has Arrived!

After about 9 months of trails and tribulations we have finally launched the new West Penn Hardwoods website!!

Since we have activated the new West Penn Hardwoods Website you will still be able to find us at The actual new site address is You may want to change any bookmarks you have in your computer to the new site address for ease of use.

Some of the things we like about the new site is that it has inventory counts. When you are ordering you will know the material is in stock. The new site is linked to our inventory system. Orders placed online will automatically be sent to our processing center, which eliminates the time we used to take to enter the orders manually.  Hopefully getting your orders to you even quicker!

Additionally, we will have a live chat button where you can talk with us whenever you need help. The professional photos that have been added to our site show the species way better than on our old site. Click on the picture to zoom and and see that awesome grain! This new site is also allows us to offer bulk rates for some of our turning stock items.

We offer almost 1900 items to choose from including the largest selection of turning stock and lumber from around the world. Including ebony, bocote, bubinga, guanacaste, monkey pod, and much more, there is definitely something for every woodworker!!

Check us out also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

Here you can see customer pics, videos of Rocky’s travels to remote jungles, and specials we are offering.

We will continue to make updates, add more pictures and videos, get slabs and guitar sets listed…still lots to do on our end. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your support and feedback!