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Hardwoods in Random Widths & Lengths

We Stock Surfaced (S2S) Lumber

What Does This Mean?

In hardwoods, thickness is the only standardized dimension. Widths and lengths are stocked in random dimensions. Generally the range is 4" to 12" wide, 6' to 14' long.

So how do you get the sizes you want?
In woodworking, you cut and/or glue to create the sizes you need.

 If you're ordering online, you can request minimum widths or lengths so that the lumber you buy is larger than your required minimum sizes.

 If you visit us in person, you simply pick out the boards that you think will work the best for you.

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Why are sizes random?
Lumber is sawn from logs to get the most yield, and since trees are round and irregular the lumber comes off in random sizes. Randomly sized lumber means it doesn't cost nearly as much as lumber that's been manufactured to uniform sizes - there's less waste, less labor, less processing to create random sized lumber.

Your lumber budget goes a lot farther with random sized raw material.

When you're making custom furniture and home furnishings, random sized lumber means you get to be more selective of grain and color, and have more control over your yield.

What Does This Mean?
  • Planed smooth on 2 sides (the face and the back)
  • Edges are rough sawn
  • You may choose to have one edge ripped clean at the time of ordering
Surfaced lumber is a lot easier for you to see the grain and put to use right away.Rough lumber, on the other hand, is difficult to see the grain, requires more work to get it ready for a project, and is marked by the cupping, twisting, and warping that takes place during the drying process. We've had our rough sawn lumber planed smooth to make it easier on you.

Our Lumber Is Kiln Dried & Protected

83%+Defect-Free with Select Grade

What Does This Mean?

We stock our lumber in a controlled warehouse, keeping the wood out of the sun and rain. It's also neatly stacked and frequently culled to ensure the lumber is looking its best.

What does kiln drying do? It's a process that brings lumber to its most stable condition.

Logs contain a high percentage of water therefore freshly sawn lumber is wet (also called "green"). As it dries, it shrinks, and as it shrinks it cracks, cups, twists and distorts just like a kitchen sponge does as it dries out. Kiln drying is a controlled process that extracts this moisture out of wood so that it warps, cups, twists, and cracks the absolute least. The result is very stable lumber - though kiln dried lumber still can cup or warp, it is wood after all, the severity is reduced.

What Does This Mean?
Select & Better is an official industry grade that contains a mix of the best 3 lumber grades that are available in the marketplace. Here are the basic requirements:
  • Provide at least 83% clear cuttings on one side
  • Board size must be at least 4" wide and 6' long
Select & Better graded lumber is a nice value for the craftsman because it strikes a balance between cost and clear wood.