Burls are the wart on the side of a tree or in the root ball. They are commonly thought to be formed by either some type of infection or injury to the tree. Either way they are a great source of sustainable wood because the tree does not have to be cut down to harvest the burls. Often more burls will grow back on these trees. They commonly have a birdseye grain pattern in the heartwood.

We mostly import burls from Australia but have also received burls from Central and South America. 

Our burls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We stock full caps, which are flat on one side, exposing the heart and sap wood but the outer rounded side is bumpy or jagged with the bark edge. We also have vessels which are caps that have been cut into block form, retaining one live edge. We also carry clock slices which are flat and have the exposed jagged edge all the way around and are typically oval or oddly shaped. We do also have burls in block form that have no live edge.

Burls are purchased by us according to the weight. When they are cut, the logger marks them with a "green weight". This is the weight by which we purchase them and also the weight that we use when selling them. Be aware that as burls dry they lose a little weight so when you receive your burls the marked weight may be a little different than what it currently weighs.



***When purchasing burls be aware that the quantity refers to the weight of the burl, not how many pieces you would like***
 Average size burls weigh 3-5 kgs but we do have smaller and larger pieces. Please call our customer service department if you have any questions. (828)-322-9663



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