Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

Latin: Hymenaea courbaril Origin: Central America

Jatoba is commonly referred to as Brazilian Cherry, particularly by those in the flooring industry. It has been one of the most common exotic woods for interior flooring. The natural light orange to darker reddish brown color makes it perfect for an unstained flooring. 

It is extremely hard and dense and is harder to work with but it glues, stains, turns and finishes well. It is also one of the less expensive exotic woods and there is good supply of this material in the market.


Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

medium to coarse texture

Grain Pattern
Typically interlocked

Health Risks
Uncommon skin irritation

Ranges from light orangish to darker reddish brown


Exotic Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
JATOBA (BRAZILIAN CHERRY) 4/4 4/4 $6.50 Add To Cart
JATOBA (BRAZILIAN CHERRY) 8/4 8/4 $7.50 Add To Cart

Live Edge Slabs

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JATOBA (BRAZILIAN CHERRY) LIVE EDGE SLABS 2-3" T x 20-30" W x 100-144" L $10.00 Add To Cart