Tzalam (Mayan Walnut)

Latin: Lysiloma spp. Origin: Mexico and Central America

Tzalam is also referred to as Mayan Walnut due to the similarity to American Black Walnut. The color is a light to medium brown and can have a reddish or purplish hue. It is a moderately priced exotic hardwood that is easy to work with and turns, glues and finishes well. 

Check out the video below of Rocky sawing Tzalam logs in Central America.

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Open, uniform texture with medium luster

Grain Pattern

Health Risks
Uncommon but can cause cold-like symptoms

Light to medium brown, sometimes with reddish or purple hue


Exotic Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
TZALAM (Caribbean Walnut) 4/4 4/4 $8.00 Add To Cart
TZALAM (Caribbean Walnut) LIVE EDGE SLABS 6/4 6/4 $10.00 Add To Cart
TZALAM (Caribbean Walnut) SHORTS 4/4 4/4 $8.00 Add To Cart