Teak (Genuine)


Teak, also called Genuine Teak or Burmese Teak, is a worldwide favorite species. It is native to Southern Asia, but is also grown throughout regions of Africa, Central America, and South America, typically on plantations. This species is considered to be very durable and easy to work with. Teak contains natural oils that may require wiping your piece off before finishing or gluing it, however it is still know to glue and finish well regardless of the oils.

The grain of Teak is typically straight, but can occasionally be interlocked or wavy. The texture is usually coarse and uneven, with moderate to low luster, and can even be slightly greasy or oily due to its natural oils. Teak is commonly used for boats, furniture, construction, etc. and can have a leather-like scent when milled.

Wood Type
Exotic Hardwood

Coarse, uneven texture with moderate to low luster

Grain Pattern
Straight, occasionally wavy or interlocked, grain

Health Risks
Uncommonly a sensitizer for allergens

Heartwood is golden to medium brown, with color darkening with age

Exotic Lumber

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