Shedua (Ovangul)

Latin: Guibourtia ehie Origin: Tropical West Africa

Shedua is a species that grows in the tropical areas of West Africa. Even though Shedua is in the same genus as Bubinga the coloring is very different. The coloring of Shedua ranges from yellowish to golden brown mixed with darker brown, gray and black lines in the grain pattern. Curly Shedua is very beautiful and is commonly sawn into guitar sets. 

Shedua is easy to work with and there is good availability of this species. It turns, glue and finishes well.

Wood Type
Tropical exotic hardwood

Medium to coarse texture, moderate luster

Grain Pattern
Straight to slightly interlocked, sometimes curly figure

Health Risks

Yellowish to brown with darker brown, gray or black stripes


Turning Stock

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SHEDUA 1/4X3X24 1/4X3X24 $9.65 Add To Cart

Exotic Lumber

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