Africa is home to a widely varying climate from region to region. In North Africa you will find the largest desert but the middle equatorial regions are home to largest rainforest in the world. And in the Eastern and Southern African areas you find wide open plains which are also home to some very exciting species of woods.

In the rainforest regions of Central West Africa is where you will find some of the largest trees. This area is home to some popular species such as Ebony, African Mahogany and Sapele. This was also the home of the famous Bubinga tree. Waterfall Bubinga became so highly sought after that it was overharvested and has now been placed on the CITES III index, restricting export of this species.

In the Southern and Eastern African regions is where you will find exciting species such as African Blackwood, Pink Ivory, Mopani and Tamboti. These wood have been highly prized for turning projects as well as inlays and specialty items like pool cues, knife/gun handles and woodwind musical instruments.

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