Canxan Negro

Latin: Terminalia amazonia Origin: From Mexico to Brazil

Canxan Negro is also referred to as Nargusta and is more commonly available in burl form for turning stock. We stock it in burls which are sold by the weight and turning stock by the piece. All of our burls are marked with a "green weight" when sawn. This is the weight by which we purchase burls and also the number we use when selling them. Please be aware that as the pieces dry they may weigh slightly less than the number marked on them but this is to be expected. 

The Canxan Negro burls in our inventory are sold in larger chunks, which are typically 3-5" thick. They also have many oclusions and are irregular in shape.

Wood Type

Uniform texture

Grain Pattern

Health Risks

Light to medium brown, with a golden or olive tone


Turning Stock

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
CANXAN NEGRO BURL PEN BLANKS 3/4" 3/4X3/4X5-6 $5.00 Add To Cart


Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
CANXAN NEGRO BURLS 3-5" T X 10-20" DIAMETER $13.20 Add To Cart