Camel Thorn

Latin: Vachellia erioloba Origin: Southern Africa

As a protected tree in South Africa, Camel Thorn is not readily available. It is often sold mainly as turning stock. It is named for the seeds and pods that camels and giraffes eat from the tree. 

Wood Type
Exotic Wood

Medium, uniform

Grain Pattern
Wavy to straight

Health Risks
None known

Dark reddish brown with yellow sapwood


Turning Stock

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CAMEL THORN 1.5X1.5X12 1.5X1.5X12 $15.83 Add To Cart
CAMEL THORN 1.5X1.5X18 1.5X1.5X18 $32.00 Add To Cart
CAMEL THORN 1.5X1.5X6 1.5X1.5X6 $8.09 Add To Cart