Tamboti (African Cocobolo)

Latin: Spirostachys africana Origin: Southern Africa

Tamboti is a very beautiful species that grows in Southern Africa. The deep golden brown to reddish brown heartwood has darker brown to black steaks in the grain. The sapwood is a nicely contrasting pale yellow that looks very good in turnings. The Tamboti tree is fairly small so it is mainly available in turning stock. 

Tamboti has natural oils which can make sanding it difficullt but it turns well and polishes to a high sheen. 

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Fine, even texture with high luster

Grain Pattern
Straight grain with occasional wavy figure

Health Risks
Can cause eye and skin irritation, smoke from burning the wood is toxic

Deep golden brown to darker reddish brown with black streaks in the grain, sap is contrasting pale yellow


Turning Stock

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TAMBOTI 1.5X1.5.X3 1.5X1.5.X3 $2.39 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 1.5X1.5X12 1.5X1.5X12 $9.77 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 1.5X1.5X6 1.5X1.5X6 $4.99 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 1X1X12 1X1X12 $4.67 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 4X4X2 4X4X2 $9.29 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 5X5X2 5X5X2 $14.39 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 6X6X2 6X6X2 $20.95 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI 8X8X2 8X8X2 $44.52 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI KNIFE BLANK 1X1.5X5 $6.65 Add To Cart
TAMBOTI PEN BLANKS 3/4X3/4X6 $2.00 Add To Cart