Many of the Northern European woods available commercially are also found in the North American region. Ash, Beech, Oak and Birch are some of the most popular. While we do not import any of those species at this time, we do source beautiful Olivewood from the Mediterranean regions. 

Olivewood grows very irregularly with lots of twisting branches. Another interesting fact is that these trees are not actually cut down. Due to the fact that they are actively used in the olive harvesting industry, the farmers only cut off the limbs and leave the stump to regenerate. Some of the stumps are hundreds of years old. Over time the tree will regrow and start producing olives again. Because we are just sourcing limbs the pieces tend to be narrower and this wood has a lot of imperfections like ingrown bark and oclusions. The slabs we offer work great for live-edge pieces when used with epoxy fillers.

You can see a video below with more information on Olivewood slabs.

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