Latin: Fraxinus americana Origin: Eastern North America

Ash is a very easy to work North American hardwood that is often used in furniture as a substitute for Red Oak as it is less expensive. It has very good shock absorbancy and is used for flooring, millwork, boxes/crates, baseball bats and tool handles.

Wood Type
Domestic hardwood

Medium to coarse texture similar to Oak

Grain Pattern
Similar to Oak with mild flame patterns

Health Risks
Uncommon, reactions may be to skin and lung damage

Light to medium beige with slightly darker grain marks looking like flames


Thin Dimensional Lumber

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ASH 1/2x3x24 1/2x3x24 $4.20 Add To Cart
ASH 1/2x3x48 1/2x3x48 $8.40 Add To Cart
ASH 1/4x3x48 1/4x3x48 $7.20 Add To Cart
ASH 1/4x5x24 1/4x5x24 $7.20 Add To Cart
ASH 1/4x5x48 1/4x5x48 $14.40 Add To Cart
ASH 1/8x3x24 1/8x3x24 $3.36 Add To Cart
ASH 1/8x5x24 1/8x5x24 $6.72 Add To Cart
ASH 1/8x5x48 1/8x5x48 $13.44 Add To Cart
ASH 3/4x3x24 3/4x3x24 $4.56 Add To Cart
ASH 3/4x3x48 3/4x3x48 $9.12 Add To Cart
ASH 3/4x5x24 3/4x5x24 $9.12 Add To Cart
ASH 3/8x3x24 3/8x3x24 $4.56 Add To Cart
ASH 3/8x5x24 3/8x5x24 $7.80 Add To Cart

Turning Stock

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ASH 2x2x12 2x2x12 $5.00 Add To Cart

Domestic Lumber

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ASH 4/4 4/4 $4.00 Add To Cart
ASH 8/4 8/4 $5.45 Add To Cart