Latin: Millettia laurentii Origin: Central Africa

Wenge (pronouced WHEN-gay) is a beautiful and unique hardwood that grows in Central Africa. The dark brown color is accented with a jagged black flame grain. It is very strong and dense which can make it harder to work with but is a popular wood with wood turners. 

We usually have this wood in shorts, which are 3-5 foot lengths and will be less expensive than longer lengths. 

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Coarse texture with low luster

Grain Pattern

Health Risks
Uncommon but splinters can get infected

Dark brown with jagged black lines


Thin Dimensional Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
WENGE 1/2X3X24 1/2X3X24 $15.50 Add To Cart
WENGE 1/4X3X24 1/4X3X24 $13.50 Add To Cart
WENGE 1/4X5X24 1/4X5X24 $22.40 Add To Cart
WENGE 1/8X3X24 1/8X3X24 $11.50 Add To Cart
WENGE 1/8X5X24 1/8X5X24 $19.16 Add To Cart
WENGE 3/4X3X24 3/4X3X24 $17.50 Add To Cart
WENGE 3/8X3X24 3/8X3X24 $15.50 Add To Cart
WENGE VANITY BLANKS 1/4X2.25X7 $5.00 Add To Cart

Exotic Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
WENGE 4/4 4/4 $15.75 Add To Cart

Turning Stock

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
WENGE PEN BLANKS 3/4X3/4X6 $1.50 Add To Cart
WENGE PEN BLANKS 5/8X5/8X5 $1.50 Add To Cart