Latin: Cordia dodecandra Origin: Central America and Mexico

Ziricote is one of the prized tonewoods used in guitar making. It grows from Mexico through Central America and is easy to work with, turns and finishes well. It is one of the more expensive exotic hardwoods due to the demand. The medium to dark brown coloring has a gray cast and strong black lines that can be compared to a landscape pattern. It is commonly used in musical instruments, gun/knife handles, furniture and turnings. 

Below is an old video of Rocky showing Ziricote guitar sets that we had on sale back in 2014. This sale is not currently running.

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Fine to medium texture with good luster

Grain Pattern
Straight to slightly interlocked

Health Risks
Can have allergy sensitivity for those with Rosewood allergies

Medium to dark brown with a gray hue and distinct black lines, sap is pale yellow contrasting


Turning Stock

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
ZIRICOTE 1.25x1.25x6 1.25x1.25x6 $4.65 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE 1x1x12 1x1x12 $5.32 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE 1x1x6 1x1x6 $2.66 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE 1x1x8 1x1x8 $3.99 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE KNIFE BLANK 1x1.5x5 $6.01 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE KNIFE BLANK 1x1.5x6 $7.21 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE PEN BLANKS 5/8" 5/8X5/8X5-6 $1.82 Add To Cart

Thin Dimensional Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
Ziricote 1/4x3x24 1/4x3x24 $24.20 Add To Cart
Ziricote 3/4x3x24 3/4x3x24 $27.60 Add To Cart

Exotic Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
ZIRICOTE 4/4 4/4 $95.00 Add To Cart
ZIRICOTE 8/4 8/4 $100.00 Add To Cart