Latin: Brosimum rubescens Origin: Tropical South America

Bloodwood is a very popular turning and furniture making wood due to the vivid red coloring. It is very dense and brittle but finishes with a very lustrous surface. Bloodwood is also called Satine, and generally used for turning projects, intarsia, furniture, guitars and inlays. It is important to finish with a UV protectant and keep the project out of direct sunlight in order to delay any browning of the color.

Wood Type
Tropical exotic hardwoods

Fine texture with some iridescence when finished

Grain Pattern
Straight or slightly interlocked

Health Risks
Wood dust may cause thirst, nausea, or skin irritation

Light to vivid red, can brown over time


Turning Stock

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BLOODWOOD 1.5x1.5x18 - Kiln Dried Only 1.5x1.5x18 $11.35 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1.5x1.5x3 1.5x1.5x3 $1.46 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1.5x1.5x6 1.5x1.5x6 $2.91 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1x1x12 1x1x12 $2.59 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1X1X18 1X1X18 $3.45 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 2x2x12 2x2x12 $10.35 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 2x2x6 2x2x6 $5.18 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 5x5x3 5x5x3 $16.17 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD PEN BLANKS 3/4X3/4X6 $1.24 Add To Cart

Thin Dimensional Lumber

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BLOODWOOD 1/2x3x24 1/2x3x24 $11.50 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1/2x4x48 1/2x4x48 $30.67 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1/4x5x36 - **PIECES WILL HAVE SOME SAP** 1/4x5x36 $28.75 Add To Cart
BLOODWOOD 1/4x6x48 1/4x6x48 $46.00 Add To Cart

Exotic Lumber

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BLOODWOOD 4/4 4/4 $13.74 Add To Cart