North America

There are more standing trees now in the United States than there were 100 years ago thanks to responsible forestry. Woodworkers have always prized North American hardwoods for their easy accessability, low cost and variety of species available. North American hardwoods vary according to region due to a diverse climate in the United States.

Mostly soft woods grow in the Western region of the country but one hardwood that does grow there is Alder. It is prized for its workability and beauty and has become popular for cabinet making.

In the Northeast is where you will find very hardy species such as hard and soft maple, cherry and red oak. These trees have to be strong enough to tolerate a short growing season, cold winters and low light conditions from shade. This slow growth produces woods with very tight growth rings which are very stable.

Through the Appalachian region the trees can experience hotter summers and milder winters allowing for a longer growing season. Trees in this region tend to grow larger and produce wider and longer boards when processed. Species growing here include ash, hickory, white oak, beech, birch and walnut.

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