We offer a variety of domestic and exotic woods.


With the cost of lumber rising every year West Penn Hardwoods tries to remain the industry leader in keeping the price as low as possible.


Our quality is second to none. We take a special pride in providing our customers with the highest quality lumber in the United States.


We source our lumber from only licensed and legal mills operating within the laws of the country they are in; many of these mills are operated by local indigenous tribes that help give back to their community as well. We travel year round to each location we purchase exotic wood from to ensure we are completing our due diligence.


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What are our customers are saying about us?

"Very helpful and friendly. Unbelievable the quality of the wood they have. They have the largest selection I have ever seen."- Ryan P.

"Wow! I stumbled onto this place today, bought lumber for a table and am already planning a return trip. Friendly service and every type of wood you could think of."-Mona K.

"This place is awesome and so are the people who work there they treat you like family."-Dennis K.

"Ordered online. Great communication. Fast processing. Product as described"- Derek A.

"The facility is hard to describe, if you haven’t been there. It is amazing! Huge beyond belief! The staff is top notch, too! It’s pretty much the coolest place ever for wood. Everything you can imagine or have read about is there."- Matthew D.

"Friendly staff and an awesome selection of wood!!!"-Megan C

"I've been here several times. They have everything I'd ever need. Absolutely fantastic. I've ordered over the phone twice with no problems. The only issues I have is needing more money and space to buy from them. I haven't come across anything that they don't have. They have a great selection of domestic and exotics. Most of which I've never heard of."-Michael T.

"This place is amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful, or you can wander around for hours. Nearly every board is perfect. Hundreds of different woods, it is like a zoo for wood."-Jeff L.

"An international business selling to corporate giants, but the people there are friendly and helpful. As a first time retail customer, I was given a tour of the facility and shown a great deal of courtesy. I plan to visit again many times and use their amazing variety of woods to realize some woodworking dreams!"- Jerry A.