New Featured Item and COVID-19 Update 

Happy Tuesday woodworkers! We hope everyone is doing well during this time as things remain uncertain. We are grateful for the support of you all, both the local NC community and the woodworking community across the nation, and continue to thank you for your patience with us as we all move forward together one step at a time.

As of today, March 24th, we are still open to the public for in-house customers as well as processing mail orders. Although we are open for visit, please visit us another time if you are not feeling well. If you do come to see us, please practice distancing of 6 feet away from others. Our staff will be happy to help in anyway we can.

*If you do not feel comfortable coming into our warehouse, we are able to take your order over the phone, pull the order for you and have you come pick up your order from our warehouse after payment is processed. We will not charge specification fees for certain dimension requirements but other upcharges remain as normal. Please be patient with our staff as we do our best to provide you with quality material and service during this time.*

Turning Stock Featured Item

Last week, we added 26 different species of select sizes in our Thin Dimensional Lumber to our Featured Item sale. This week, we are keeping those items on sale and adding another sale of 12 different Turning Stock species in select sizes up to 60% off! We have tons of items on sale right now to help keep you stocked during this time so check out our Featured Item section for everything that is on sale right now or click on the species name below to be directed to that sale page.

Species of Thin Stock on sale - up to 50% off: 

Black Palm
Chakte Viga
Honduran Rosewood
African Mahogany
Hard Maple
Osage Orange
Tiger Caspi

Species of Turning Stock on sale - up to 60% off:

Black Palm
Chakte Viga
Hard Maple
Soft Maple
Red Oak

This sale is available online and in-house but please keep certain things in mind: 

1) While our doors are open to the public, if you are exhibiting symptoms of illness or feeling not well then PLEASE do not come into our warehouse. We are a small, family-owned business and our 11 employees depend on this work to provide them with some financial security during this time so please help us keep our doors open by visiting us another time if you are not well.

2) While we are still operating normally, we ask for your patience and consideration during this time as we navigate the unknown waters along with everyone else. We are working with employees who do not feel secure enough to come in and operating on a much smaller level right now but are doing our absolute best to keep our operations open and running until we feel that it is unsafe for them to remain intact. Online orders may take a little longer to be processed and shipping times may be delayed due to those companies slowing down their operations. 

Please feel free to call us at 828-322-9663 or email us at for any questions or concerns! As always, happy woodworking- West Penn Hardwoods

We apologize about this inconvenience but we are having techincal issues with our shipping calculator; if you qualify for free shipping you will NOT be charged on your final invoice. Please review the qualifications below:


  • Purchase $150 worth of turning stock (spindles, bowl blanks, knife blanks, burls).

  • 150 BDFT of Exotic Wood (lumber or slabs)

  • 200 BDFT of Domestic Wood (lumber or slabs)

*If you buy combined products (turning stock and lumber, or thin stock and turning stock), we will only ship the items that qualify for free shipping for free. If you spend $150 on turning stock but also purchase 10 Board Feet of lumber, we will NOT ship your lumber to you for free. If the website calculates wrong shipping information, we will contact you with the correct information. Thank you for understanding. If you have any further shipping question, please contact us at 828-322-9663 and we will be happy to assist you.*

We are continuously grateful for our customers and especially thankful for your patience with us as we have continued to navigate the realm of website design.

We are excited to be bringing you a brand-new, and much more user friendly website soon! We have taken feedback that has been given to us and are working incredibly hard to craft a website that is representative of our company. We understand the frustrations with the current website and are doing our best to get this up and running ASAP! Thank you again for your patience and feel free to call us at 828-322-9663 to place orders or ask questions!



We offer a variety of domestic and exotic woods.


With the cost of lumber rising every year West Penn Hardwoods tries to remain the industry leader in keeping the price as low as possible.


Our quality is second to none. We take a special pride in providing our customers with the highest quality lumber in the United States.


We source our lumber from only licensed and legal mills operating within the laws of the country they are in; many of these mills are operated by local indigenous tribes that help give back to their community as well. We travel year round to each location we purchase exotic wood from to ensure we are completing our due diligence.


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Available Species


What are our customers are saying about us?

"Very helpful and friendly. Unbelievable the quality of the wood they have. They have the largest selection I have ever seen."- Ryan P.

"Wow! I stumbled onto this place today, bought lumber for a table and am already planning a return trip. Friendly service and every type of wood you could think of."-Mona K.

"This place is awesome and so are the people who work there they treat you like family."-Dennis K.

"Ordered online. Great communication. Fast processing. Product as described"- Derek A.

"The facility is hard to describe, if you haven’t been there. It is amazing! Huge beyond belief! The staff is top notch, too! It’s pretty much the coolest place ever for wood. Everything you can imagine or have read about is there."- Matthew D.

"Friendly staff and an awesome selection of wood!!!"-Megan C

"I've been here several times. They have everything I'd ever need. Absolutely fantastic. I've ordered over the phone twice with no problems. The only issues I have is needing more money and space to buy from them. I haven't come across anything that they don't have. They have a great selection of domestic and exotics. Most of which I've never heard of."-Michael T.

"This place is amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful, or you can wander around for hours. Nearly every board is perfect. Hundreds of different woods, it is like a zoo for wood."-Jeff L.

"An international business selling to corporate giants, but the people there are friendly and helpful. As a first time retail customer, I was given a tour of the facility and shown a great deal of courtesy. I plan to visit again many times and use their amazing variety of woods to realize some woodworking dreams!"- Jerry A.