In woodworking, the term veneer refers to thin slices of wood, or sometimes bark, that is usually thinner than an 1/8 inch. Veneers are typically glued onto core panels, such as wood, partical board, or fiber board and are used for things like cabinets, doors, floors, and other furniture. Veneers are obtained either by "peeling" the trunk of a tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood known as flitches. 

The specific type of veneers that we have in our warehouse are known as raw veneers - meaning the veneer has no backing on it and can be used with either side facing up. Our veneers are measured at .025 to .03 inches thick and have varied lengths and widths. These are sold by the bundle (see below in the pictures), which each have a certain amount of veneer sheets and square footage in each of them. 

Please keep in mind that because this product is so thin, there may be slight cracking on some pieces, but this is inevitable. We take great procaution in handling our veneers and do not allow customers to touch/handle them in our warehouse to be sure there is no extra cracking. Below we have set out instructions on how to order these veneers through our website, however you can always give us a call for help.



When ordering veneers through our site there are some things to note:

1) - these are sold by bundles that have a certain amount of square footage in each. Take a look at our pictures below to see what these bundles look like.

2) - when ordering, you will put the square foot amount that you would like in the quantity section, but we cannot promise you that you will get the exact sqft that you ask for; it may be bigger (or smaller if the customer allows) as we will be pulling them as close as we can to what you have ordered

 ex: you order 30 sqft of Bocote Veneers, but we only have a bundle of 31.6 sqft, so that is what we will send.

3) - if the sqft is bigger than what you ordered we will call you for your credit card info because there will be a slight overage on the price, but if the sqft is smaller than what you ordered, we will only take the amount paid that covers that bundle and the rest will either be refunded or put on your account as a credit on file.

4) - the specified range of dimensions and square footage will be listed by each of the veneers when shopping. If you would like specific measurements on these bundles please take a look at the range of dimensions we have and be sure to put that in the notes section when you are checking out. Again, we will try our best to pull a bundle that is closest to your dimensions, but it may not always be exact.

5) - each bundle has a label sticker at the bottom which shows how many square meters are in each. To get the total price we take the square meters shown on the bundle and multiply it by 10.764 to get the square foot. Once we get the square foot we multiply it by $1.50 to get your total price. (See picture below for sticker label and calculation)

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