Asia is a large and diverse area, with varying climates. In India, there are hot, dry regions as well as tropical zones. In Southeast Asia we find more tropical species of wood. 

From India, we bring East Indian Rosewood, which is now listed as a restricted species on the CITES II listing. This wood cannot be imported without special documentation, but we have a large supply of this material which is from pre-CITES imports.

From other parts of Southeast Asia we import Black Palm and Amboyna Burl. Black Palm is not really a wood but the trunk of a palm tree which is actually a part of the grass family along with bamboo. Amboyna Burl is one of the most beautiful and sought after burls in the world, and it is the most expensive also. The bright red heart with pale yellow sap edge, dotted with brilliant bird's eye figure makes it extremely popular.

Check out the species we import from Asia, which are listed on the left side of this page!



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