Latin: Dalbergia decipularis Origin: Northeastern Brazil

Tulipwood is one of the most unsual of the Rosewood (Dalbergia) species. The Tulipwood tree is very small and the yield only produces turning stock and narrow lumber. The unusual pale yellow color is heavily streaked with pink, orange and red lines in the grain. Tulipwood turns well and polishes to a high sheen.

Because it has been placed on the CITES appendix II listing along with all Rosewood species, it is unlikely to be commerically available for very long. We do a small amount of turning stock and 4/4 lumber that is from pre-CITES imports, so get it before it is gone!

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Fine texture with medium sized, open pores

Grain Pattern
Usually straight

Health Risks
Uncommon allergy sensitizer

Pale yellowish with streaks of pink, orange and red throughout