Latin: Brosimum guianense Origin: Coastal Northern South America

Snakewood is the one of the most expensive woods in the world. It only grows along the coastal area in northern South America. The tree is very small and has a high waste factor when cutting. It is dark reddish brown with darker brown to black patches, dinstinguished by a unique snake skin grain pattern. It is typically priced according to the level of figure with very highly figured pieces costing more. Figure is often only visible on one or two sides of a piece.

Snakewood is very heavy and dense, and is very brittle. It does turn very well and finishes with a high sheen. We carry this in small turning stock sizes, knife blanks and fingerboards for musical instruments.

Check out an old video below of Rocky's where he explains the differences in the grade of snakewood.

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Fine even texture, high luster

Grain Pattern
Straight, distinguished by light to heavy snake skin pattern

Health Risks

Deep reddish brown with darker contrasting brown or black patches


Turning Stock

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
SNAKEWOOD GRADE B PEN BLANKS - 3/4x5-6 3/4X3/4X5-6 $4.50 Add To Cart
SNAKEWOOD GRADE B PEN BLANKS - 5/8x5-6 5/8X5/8X5-6 $3.00 Add To Cart