Latin: Juglans nigra Origin: Easter USA

Walnut heartwood is a rich dark brown to purplish-black, mostly straight grained, but with wavy or curly grain occasionally present. The texture is rather coarse. Walnut works with hand or machine tools without difficulty, but with a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. Holds nails or screws well, glues satisfactorily, and polishes to a high finish.

Our Walnut is a very high grade, with minimal sap or defects. We carry a variety of sizes in turning stock, lumber and live edge slabs as well as thick slabs for mantles

Wood Type
Domestic hardwood

Medium to coarse texture

Grain Pattern
Straight to irregular

Health Risks

Pale brown to dark chocolate with a gray or purple hue


Turning Stock

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
WALNUT 1.5x1.5x12 1.5x1.5x12 $4.92 Add To Cart
WALNUT 1.5x1.5x3 1.5x1.5x3 $1.23 Add To Cart
WALNUT 1.5x1.5x6 1.5x1.5x6 $2.46 Add To Cart
WALNUT 1x1x12 * 1x1x12 $2.19 Add To Cart
WALNUT 1x1x6 1x1x6 $1.09 Add To Cart
WALNUT 2x2x12 2x2x12 $8.75 Add To Cart
WALNUT 2x2x18 2x2x18 $13.14 Add To Cart
WALNUT 2x2x24 2x2x24 $17.50 Add To Cart
WALNUT 2x2x3 2x2x3 $2.19 Add To Cart
WALNUT 2x2x6 2x2x6 $4.38 Add To Cart
WALNUT 3x3x3 3x3x3 $6.90 Add To Cart
WALNUT 3x3x6 3x3x6 $13.78 Add To Cart

Domestic Lumber

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
WALNUT 4/4 4/4 $10.50 Add To Cart
WALNUT 8/4 8/4 $12.00 Add To Cart

Live Edge Slabs

Product Name Size Price Add to Cart
WALNUT SLABS 8/4 8/4 $17.00 Add To Cart