Latin: Roupala montana Origin: Central and South America

Leopardwood has a unique figure with lighter rays and flecks that resemble the spots of a leopard. It is uniform in color, reddish brown with lighter colored flecks in the figure, similar to other material like Quartersawn White Oak. 

Leopardwood is sometimes confused with Lacewood, which is a different genus of tree (Panopsis spp.). It is typically used in veneer, custom furniture, musical instruments and turned items. Can be difficult to work with due to the high density but glues and finishes well. 

Wood Type
Exotic hardwood

Coarse texture

Grain Pattern
Straight grain

Health Risks

Medium to dark reddish brown with lighter rays and flecks


Turning Stock

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LEOPARDWOOD 2x2x30 2x2x30 $20.00 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD 1.5x1.5x3 1.5x1.5x3 $1.24 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD 1x1x12 1x1x12 $1.98 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD 1x1x6 1x1x6 $0.99 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD 2x2x18 2x2x18 $12.00 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD 2x2x24 2x2x24 $16.00 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD KNIFE BLANK 1x1.5x5 $2.16 Add To Cart
LEOPARDWOOD PEN BLANKS 3/4X5" 3/4X3/4X5 $1.00 Add To Cart

Thin Dimensional Lumber

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Leopardwood 1/2x3x24 1/2x3x24 $11.00 Add To Cart
Leopardwood 1/4x3x24 1/4x3x24 $10.00 Add To Cart
Leopardwood 1/8x3X24 1/8x3X24 $9.00 Add To Cart
Leopardwood 3/4x3x24 3/4x3x24 $12.00 Add To Cart
Leopardwood 3/4x6x36 3/4x6x36 $45.00 Add To Cart

Exotic Lumber

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LEOPARDWOOD 4/4 4/4 $15.00 Add To Cart