Costelo Boxwood

Latin: Calycophyllum multiflorum Origin: South America

Costelo Boxwood is a good alternative to true European Boxwood, being that the color and texture are similar between the two. It is also known as Ivorywood or Palo Blanco and can be found in tropical South America. This species turns, glues, and finishes well and is commonly used for archery bows, carvings, and inlays.

Costelo Boxwood is a light brown to pale yellowish color with its sapwood being lighter in color. It is also a moderately durable species with a fine, smooth texture to it.

Wood Type
Exotic Hardwood

Fine, uniform texture with a slightly lustrous appearance

Grain Pattern
Straight to slightly interlocked

Health Risks
None known

Light brown to pale yellowish color, sapwood is lighter in color

Live Edge Slabs

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