South America

South America is a large and geographically diverse region. There are areas that are natural savannahs and others that are swamps. South America is home to the Amazon Rainforest, the world's largest pocket of biodiversity. It is critical to the survival of our planet and animal species that we take all precautions to only source legal and sustainable woods from this region. 

In the Northern Amazon area, which includes Peru and Brazil, it is very hot and wet. This climate produces the widest range of unique and desirable woods for woodworkers and turners alike. Purpleheart and Bloodwood are two of the most popular species imported from here but there are many more obscure species as well.

In the Southern parts of Bolivia and into Argentina you will find a wide array of sought after species such as Lignum Vitae, Osage Orange and Cebil. 

We personally travel to each region that we source from in order to verify legal and sustainable practices when importing wood from South America. We work hard to ensure these species will be available to wood lovers for many generations to come.

Below is a video of one of Rocky's trips to Brazil to source a massive Pequia log.

Check out the different species we import from South America, which are listed on the left side of this page!

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