Australian Burls


Kim Mehta

Australian burls, which form on different varieties of Eucalyptus trees, can come in a wide vareity of shapes, sizes and colors. Species such as Brown Mallee, Red Mallee, Red Coolibah, and are among the common burls regularly harvested in Southeastern Australia. ​​


Burls are like a wart growth that commonly reoccurs on these Australian trees. Because the burl can be removed from the tree without harming the tree, this is a popular and sustainable source of wood for woodworkers.

West Penn Hardwoods carries a large supply of burls in several different forms. Full caps are very popular for turning bowls. They are marked with a weight at cutting and are sold by the kg. We currently have many of our burl species on sale, click here for more information.

IMG_0130.jpg    IMG_0126.jpg

We also carry these burls in slices as well as vessels and squares...

IMG_0131.jpg Slices      (sold by weight)      Vessels  IMG_0132.jpg 


Squares, top to bottom:Yellow Box, Red Mallee, Red Gum, Red Coolibah, Myrtle, Grey Box, Figured Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Burl, Brown Mallee, and Bimplebox. Sold individually or in discounted bulk packs.

We have three new discounted bulk packs, and they also include FREE SHIPPING!  These sale items can be found under Australian Burls, Free Shipping and Featured Items.

Mixed Pen Blank Pack - 50 pieces in a variety of the 10 species shown above - $142.50

Mixed 1.5x1.5x3" Pack - 50 pieces in a variety of 5 popular species (Red Coolibah, Red Gum, Red Mallee, Red Box, Yellow Box) - $166.00

Mixed 1.5x1.5x6" Pack - 21 pieces in a variety of 7 popular species (Bimplebox, Brown Mallee, Red Coolibah, Grey Box, Red Gum, Red Box, Yellow Box) - $122.67

IMG_0118.jpg                                   IMG_0116.jpg

Happy Woodturning!!



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