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Some Favorite Species of Wood Slabs

Guanacaste – Also called Parota

Currently, the hottest species of wood slabs are Guanacaste and Monkey Pod. Both species grow throughout Central America and are abundant, which makes Guanacaste is a great substitute for American Walnut for a couple of reasons. Many people like the dark color of Walnut and Guanacaste also offers a deep, rich brown color. Another reason Guanacaste is popular is that the slabs are available in widths up to 55″ wide. It is difficult to find Walnut in wide slabs. Guanacaste is also less expensive than Walnut. Below is a picture of a beautiful Guanacaste slab as well as some finished slabs.

 Central American Guanacaste     Guanacaste – Walnut – Guanacaste

 Guanacaste countertop    Guanacaste Slab Table


Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod is another species that grows abundantly throughout Central American but also grows in Southeast Asia. The Monkey Pod tree grows very large and produces slabs as large as Guanacaste. It tends to be a little lighter in color than Guanacaste and often has an iridescent, wavy grain pattern which makes it unique. Some Monkey Pod slabs are darker in color and can easily be confused with Guanacaste. Check out the Monkey Pod pictures below:

 Monkey Pod Slab   Monkey Pod Table – Blowing Rock Woodworks


Other Popular Slab Species

There are slabs available in a wide variety of colors and grains as well. Here are some pics of a few that are offered at West Penn Hardwoods.


 Pequia – Brazil, characterized by pale golden heartwood, edged with darker sapwood along the edge.

 Tatajuba – Beautiful caramel color, some pieces have curly grain pattern.

 Purpleheart – Amazon region, bright purple color makes this species one of the most unique.

 Orange Agate – Amazon region, beautiful rich orange color with varying grain pattern.

 Olivewood – from Italy, pale cream with strong black lines. The tree is twisted therefore slabs vary in shape.

Rounds or Cookies are slabs that are end cuts. They are popular for coffee tables and end table and come in a variety of wood species.


West Penn Hardwoods also carries slabs in Australian Burl species which make beautiful side tables.


West Penn Hardwoods is open to the public. Coming to visit and see all of the available slabs is the best way to find the right piece for your project! If you live too far away, call West Penn Hardwoods at 828-322-WOOD (9663) and their knowledgable sales staff will be happy to help!


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