New Species Alert-Brazilian Ebony!


Allison Mehta





Gombeira (Brazilian Ebony) ​​​​​​

Botanical Name: Swartzia Stipulifera

Gombeira (Brazilian Ebony) is a hard and heavy wood with a straight grain. It gets termed as “Ebony” for its almost black color, but has a very distinct grain pattern that is sometimes comparable to Wenge. When first cut, it takes on a brighter color but after oxidation takes on a darker less bold appearance; the longer you leave it unfinished after turning, the darker the piece will get. Like Gabon Ebony, not all pieces are fully black and there can be some brown streaking. Gombeira is a dense wood that sands and polishes very nicely!
Check out the picture below to see how the species looks once turned.

Common uses: turning, furniture, cabinetwork, violin bows, specialty items, ebony substitute, musical instruments, veneer

Source Region: Brazil


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