Priya Mehta

In today's blog post I wanted to share a new Turning Stock item we are putting on sale, Guanacaste!

Guanacaste has quickly become one of the most popular woods we carry, particularly for live edge projects. It is easily accessable because it grows in such a large region and we carry a very large inventory in Live Edge Slabs as well as Exotic Lumber, Turning Stock and Thin Dimensional LumberGuanacaste grows to be an extremely large tree, often growing hundreds of feet tall and easily 10' and larger in diameter. A lot of material we have is actually produced from the tree limbs and can be up to 50" in diameter. When it gets so big the inside starts to hollow which makes the tree susceptible to falling. It is best to cut this tree before it falls as they are so large they can cause damage to surrounding structures and other trees. 

guan 5.jpg    guan 1.jpg

While this species is better known in slab and lumber form, we also carry it in Turning Stock. We have various sizes on sale, including 2x2x12, 2x2x24, 3x3x12, 6x6x3, and 8x8x3, all discounted at 40% off! Each piece is unique, some have straighter grain but many pieces have wild swirls, especially if there were any limbs coming off the side. The color varies from tree to tree, some will be a light brown and others can be a very deep rich brown with darker brown or golden grain markings. 

Just for your entertainment, here is a video of Rocky in Central America with a gigantic Guanacaste tree!

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