The History of West Penn Hardwoods


Kim Mehta

Hello Woodworkers! 

Today I thought I would share the link to a great video explaining the history of West Penn Hardwoods in an intimate interview with Owner, Rocky Mehta. He tells the story of where we started to where we are now as well as explaining our processes to ensure legality in the procurement of the woods we import. He also explains what is CITES, how does it impact our business and why it is important for the future of sustainability of all the Earth's species. 

YouTube video link -

This interview was done a couple of years ago so I will give you an update on where we are at now. We have now been in North Carolina for over 5 years and are still loving it! Many of you know our oldest daughter, Allison. She had been a big part of our team for several years and has recently moved to Austin, Texas to pursue a career in psychology and social work, which is what she studied in college. She is missed but we are all happy for her new adventure! Priya, our second daughter, will be graduating from college in December and plans to pursue a career in Real Estate. Our son, Abhi, has taken an interest in our business as well. He will be a sophomore in college this fall but works part time for us and is learning all about the business. If you visit you will see him driving the fork truck or helping customers just like his Dad!


We have had many employees come and go since moving here but I have to say we have an amazing team right now! They are a pleasure to work with and our customers compliment us all the time that our staff is so friendly and helpful. We appreciate them very much!

The year 2020 has shook up everything for most people. We were able to keep our business open during this crisis and customers have kept coming, I guess this has been a good time to do some woodworking to get your mind off of everything going on! We appreciate the support you all have given us during this difficult time.

This year we finally launched our new website. I am so happy with it, it is much easier to find what you are looking for and it is very fast! You can search by species, product type or region and under each species the products available are broken down into easy to find categories. We tried to incorporate lots of infomation about each species. We also have added Resources that will explain Sustainable Forestry and the CITES listings. If you would like us to add a picture of your project please email and we will share it on our Customer Gallery, Facebook page and Instagram. Please be sure to follow us on social media also to find out about upcoming sales and events. 

We hope you are all staying healthy and that we will soon get back to some form of normal!

Thanks and Happy Woodworking!







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