Jobillo Table by Abhi Mehta


Kim Mehta

Jobillo is a wood that comes from Central and Northern South America. It is also known by Goncalo Alves or Tigerwood. It is characterized by a rich reddish-brown heartwood with dark tiger striping throughout. Every piece is unique, which makes it very desirable in woodturning as well. West Penn Hardwoods carries a wide range of sizes in Jobillo, from pen blanks to large live-edge slabs. We also offer a wide range of species in slabs which you can see under the Live-Edge Slab category on our website. At this time the slabs are not individually listed on our website, but you can call us at 828-322-9663 to let us help you find your perfect slab.

Today I wanted to share something that is dear to my heart. My son, Abhi Mehta, who is just 19 years old, has developed a passion for woodworking. This came as a surprise to both his father and me because neither of us is very handy! For some time I had wanted a sofa table to match the Jobillo coffee table in our living room. Abhi made this beautiful table for me and it looks amazing!

Jobillo Live Edge Table by Abhi Mehta

 Here is a photo of the coffee table I have, also made with Jobillo. You can see both of these pieces have beautiful crotch figuring. This happens when the tree is branching out and the slab is cut along that branch line. 

Jobillo Coffee Table

These peppermills were also made with Jobillo by our customer Tom Gaskill. You can purchase many sizes of Jobillo turning stock, as well as a wide range of other species, many of which are on sale now, under the Turning Stock catagory on our website.


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