Live-Edge River Tables


Kim Mehta

The current trend of Live-Edge Slabs is still going strong. Do-it-yourselfers are easily able to finish a slab and attach readily available metal legs to create a unique one-of-a-kind family heirloom.

We have been asking customers to share their projects with me and have received so many wonderful project photos. I thought I would highlight three of them today.

This first table is a Primavera slab made by Merican Rustic. They made this table for me a few years ago. The slab was split down the middle and reversed to have the live-edge showing like a river down the middle. Their technique for this table was to have a custom piece of glass cut to sit into a routered channel. Primavera is one of the prettiest light colored woods we carry in slab form. It is referred to as White Mahogany and is characterized by light cream to pale gold coloring with iridescent grain.



mericanrustic.jpg   Primavera Table 

This Guanacaste coffee table was made by customer, Jim Engleman. Jim also split the slab and reversed it to create the "river bed" He used colored epoxy to fill the river, giving a beautiful iridescent look. Guanacaste is one of our most popular woods in slab form. It is readily available in very large pieces and is one of the least expensive species for big slabs. 

jimengleman2.jpg   jimengleman1.jpg

Customer Christopher Shourds shared several photos showing a step by step process he used to create an amazing Jobillo Slab dining table. He started with a pretty rough looking slab that had a major crack in it, but also had an amazing crotch piece. By building a frame he was able to piece the sections of the slab leaving occlusions between to create streams flowing in a unique pattern. He then filled the streams with epoxy and finished with what looks like a clear epoxy over the whole table top to make a stunning table. Jobillo is a beautiful wood because of its rich color that is steaked with darker tiger striping. You can see when it is finished how the grain really pops! 

christophershourds1.jpg       christophershourds2.jpg    

 christophershourds3.jpg     christophershourds4.jpg

West Penn Hardwoods carries a wide variety of species in Live-Edge Slabs. We have sizes that range from thick mantle pieces, to small coffee tables and rounds, and enormous conference table sizes. We will soon be adding these to our website, but for now we are happy to work with you over the phone to help you find the perfect piece for your next project! Call our sales team at 828-322-9663.

Happy Woodworking!

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