Kim Mehta

Today I wanted to a highlight two things, peppermills as a woodturning project and Jobillo wood. Peppermills are a great project for woodturners, everyone would love to receive a set of salt and pepper mills as a gift from someone who is talented enough to make them!

These pepper/salt mills were made by our customer, Tom Gaskill of HTG Woodcrafts from Jobillo wood. Jobillo is also known as Goncalo Alves or Tigerwood. It is characterized by warm carmel colored wood that is streaked with darker brown to black tiger striping throughout. It grows from Central to Northern South America and has become very popular for turnings as well as lumber and live-edge slabs for coffee tables. Every piece is unique, which makes it a really fun wood to experiment with.

IMG_4868.jpg Jobillo Coffee Table

The most common size of turning stock for pepper mills is 3x3x12". We offer a wide variety of woods of this size to choose from. The interior components to insert for grinding can be purchased from Live edge slabs like the one above can be purchased from us by calling our sales team at 828-322-9663.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a set of pepper/salt mills can find Tom's work at He also makes bottle stoppers, can/bottle openers, bowls and  many other types of projects. Thank you Tom for sharing your project!

Anyone else who would like to share their work, please email with details and your contact info if you would like to share that.

Happy Woodworking!

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