Exotic Lumber

Species: Black Mesquite

Region: South America

Black Mesquite Species Information

Exotic hardwoods refer to species imported from outside of North America. These species can come from tropical climates such the Amazon region or equitorial Africa, but they may also come from dry climates, such as Mexico or Australia. Not all exotic woods come from the rainforest and many of the species we import are not typically commercial species, some of which are being overharvested. We try to find new and exciting species that will give our customers options for their woodworking projects. 

Rocky regularly travels to most every location that we are importing wood from to do our due diligence and reassure ourselves that our suppliers are practicing sustainable and legal forestry. We hope to continue to supply our customers with unique, new species for many years to come.

Our exotic lumber is sold by the board foot, with a minimum order of 10 board foot for online orders. Please enter in the board foot amount you are looking for in the quantity section. 

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