Turning Stock

Species: Olivewood

Region: Africa, Europe

Olivewood Species Information

We offer a wide variety of turning stock including pen blanks, spindles and bowl blanks in both exotic and domestic species. Below you will find all products listed or you can search by species listed on the left hand side of the page. For more information on species, feel free to check out the Species section or click the "Learn More" button in the green box after filtering for species. 

All turning stock is sold by the piece and price per piece will be listed next to the sizing. For bulk discount click on "add to cart" and you will see the price breaks according to quantity purchased. All exotic turning stock will be in various stages of air drying unless stated as kiln dried. All domestic turning stock will be kiln dried and potentially a little oversized. 

For color specifcations, there will be a 30% upcharge on the price per piece. 


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